Saturday, March 18, 2006

Remembering A Dying

The nightmare started a year ago today.

For thirteen days, the world watched.

Those who wanted to help were powerless.

Fr. John Powell, SJ, writes in his book "The Christian Vision: The Truth That Set Us Free":
...I would like to define what I mean by "the world." As I am using the term here, the world embraces all created reality, except persons....The biblical imperative is quite clear: We must love persons and use things. Jesus warns us that wherever our treasures are, there will also be our hearts. As I hear him, the Lord is saying, "Save your heart for love, and give your love only to persons: to the persons of yourself, your neighbor, and your God. Don't ever give your heart away to a thing....[I]f you give your heart away to a thing, you will soon begin the great inversion of priorities. When you begin to love things, you start to use persons to get those things, to get more and more of those things...."
That is a very good and short summary of the philosophy of utilitarianism.

It is a linchpin in the philosophy of the Culture of Death.

So, somebody answer these questions for me:

When did Terri Schiavo stop being a person?

And who are you to make that determination?

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