Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last Words X 5

I didn't think I had done this as long as I have with my meditations on the "O Antiphons," but my records proved me wrong. Both series have existed as long as this 'blog.

Once again, I humbly present my meditations on the "Seven Last Words," the sentences Christ spoke while hanging on the Cross. While the "O Antiphons" anticipated His birth, these anticipate His death and lead us into His resurrection.

Reflect. Remember. Rejoice.

Look for them at the hour of mercy.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


My busy liturgical schedule is winding down.

And all those "To Be Determines" have been determined:
  • April 1 (Holy Thursday)--Choir and Cantor
  • April 2 (Good Friday)--Lector
  • April 3 (Easter Vigil)--Choir and Co-Cantor: Exsultet
  • April 4 (Easter Sunday)--Choir
Plus I had to switch with another Lector on March 14 so I could be with the choir as we sang at another parish that day.

If you're a church musician, this is the most wonderful time of the year.