Thursday, July 05, 2018

A Death-Defying Age

Today is a rather important day in my life.

That's right--I had to get my driver's license renewed.

Besides that task, nothing else matters. Because without this day, nothing could matter.

(Besides having a fraternal twin brother, I also share today's good wishes with another pair of twins, fraternal male cousins who are identical, and a gentleman whom I've met through our association with the Church Music Association of America.)

But this particular birthday holds a significant milestone. As you may recall, my father only lived 56 years and 256 days. The count down now truly begins to see if I "outlive" him. If my calculations are correct, that 257th. day will be March 19, 2019, the feast day of St. Joseph, the patron of a happy death. It would be five days short of what would have been his 84th. birthday. (Thank you, Emily Dickinson.)

(And, yes, I still miss him. Requiescat in pace.)

Every expereince is an opportunity to seek and find God in all things.  Every breath is a moment to be in communion with He Who Is, Who Was, and Who Is To Come. Every heart beat is a way to be in unison with the One Who created, redeemed, and sanctified me. Every day is a chance to "Go Forward". So for the next twelve months, I will continue to learn in earnest to count my blessings, especially the one of just existing.

Each day should be a gift.

After all, isn't is why it's call the present?

Sunday, July 01, 2018

July 2018 Morning Offering Prayer Intention

Here is the intention for this month when reciting the Morning Offering:
Evangelization:  Priests and their Pastoral Ministry. That priests, who experience fatigue and loneliness in their pastoral work, may find help and comfort in their intimacy with the Lord and in their friendship with their brother priests.
A reflection for this intention is found here.