Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Every Wednesday I receive from SiteMeter my weekly report on the number of visitors to my infinitesimal corner of the universe and the number of pages viewed the past seven days. I would guess it is a mix of regulars and those new to the B-Team roll. While I will never claim to be a heavyweight 'blogger (as my status in the TTLB Ecosystem will attest), I am still amazed at the small but steady stream of people who click here. I am even more amazed due to the fact my posts are few and far between.

For all who read these musings, welcome and thank you. I can only hope what I have written is edifying. May God continue to bless those who read and the one who writes.

Sharin' O' The Green

Christ reminds us the poor will be with us.

The Church teaches us of the preferential option for them.

Here's a story of how one priest does his part.