Sunday, April 13, 2008

All We Like Sheep

I enjoy sending greeting cards. I don't send as many as I did in my college days, but I still take the time to find just the right one for my recepients. In this age of the internet, I find the on-line cards to be just as meaningful as their paper bretheren.

While I lean toward one company for my paper cards, I use the on-line cards at American Greetings to stay in touch with those who I have exchanged e-mail addresses. For Easter, I e-mailed this card. Since Julie D. used it for a post, I knew I couldn't pass on the opportunity.

As the Fourth Sunday of Easter is affectionately known as "Good Shepherd Sunday", how appropriate this card is today. The Gospel verse upon which it is based is the one which follows the Gospel Reading for today (John 10:1-10).

Aren't we, at times, like that little lamb? Lost, unsure, scared, trying to find our way to the verdant pasture, stumbling, despairing, doubting, losing hope, tired, weary. How sweet it is when we look up and see our Master waiting to take us in His arms. How joyful we feel when we run to Him. How much peace we have when we are there.

(BTW, if you thought you heard that lamb bleat "Abba" before he gamboled toward Him, then I am not the only one.)

The Lord, indeed, is my Good Shepherd.

I shall not want.