Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Between Marches...

...the troops get to rest.

There are many marches in protest of the two Supreme Court decisions which legalized and gave unrestricted access to abortion, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. The primary one is held in Washington, DC around the anniversary of these ruling; this year it was January 19. The other one which has gain fame is held in San Francisco, CA, also around the anniversary date; this year it will be January 26. While there are also many state and local marches as well, these two are the events which energize and galvanize both sides of this issue.

This is the 47th. anniversary of those rulings. While I agree with the sentiments of the current Vice-President of the United States, who along with his wife made a surprise appearance at the march in the nation's capital, the pro-life lead is once again shrinking. The gains made on the political level are under threat to be negated. The grass roots remain strong, so I think there is hope that what progress has been made the past two years will not erode too much.

Make no mistake--the battle has intensified. The poor-(pro-)choice side has redoubled their efforts, emboldened by this past mid-year election results. Despite the statements they have made regarding their position are not anywhere near the truth, the current climate of the culture, with its emphasis of subjective feeling being greater that objective thought, where emotions rather than will rule the roost, still give them life and nourishment. And while I have said that evil doesn't play by any rules, Satan has a game plan and his scribe was Saul Alinsky.

The pro-life side has the ammunition to win the intellectual battle. But this is now about softening hearts. Can the truth be spoken with true love? Can authentic alternatives be realistically recommended? That is the next skirmish.

In what is the largest battlefront in the culture war, it will be interesting to see which side can make any inroads in the coming months. A stalemate would be a win for the pro-life movement, for no concessions were made.

But allow me to ask the opposition a question, especially some believe God is on their side.

Actually, it's not me doing the asking:

Luke 6:9