Thursday, March 30, 2006

An Accounting

The Holy Fool ask this question in a comment box below:
How goes the campaigne, General?
I will be honest. I didn't know what to expect. Despite having broken into the top 10,000 in the TTLB ranking system before this started, this is a very humble 'blog. There have been a few decent posts, but the efforts here have been modest. I know I have a few fans out there, but traffic has only averaged about 20 visitors a day. My amazement and surprise to the response of the 'blogosphere leaves me appropriately silent.

I know the Fool, Julie D., and the B-Team have posted on this. My trackback indicates a post from FuggerNutter, one which shows a great understanding of Lenten almsgiving. And then I found posts from two 'bloggers who I would have never guessed would have made mention.

Anyone ever heard of The Anchoress or Catholic And Enjoying It? Didn't think so.

Well, as of this posting, 41 people have donated (and someone asked me via my personal e-mail for my postal address to send a check). The net amount takes care of rent for March and April as well as the court costs mentioned in the summons, plus a very good start to May (or perhaps some luxuries like food and utilities).

I think this note, also from the comment box, sums up the thoughts and wishes of everybody:
I finished a parish mission last night and the subject of generosity was featured prominently. I have sent a few bucks via PayPal.

What makes this really satisfying for me is that I can't afford it. And that makes it all the more special. The priest conducting the mission reminded us about giving to Christ through others and the measure being measured back.

Trust me buddy, you are not alone. I lost my job almost 4 years ago. I had been trying to get some online marketing efforts off the ground but it has been a real roller coaster ride. I finally caved in and started looking for a job. I am an advertising exec by trade.

Guess what. There is not too much demand for ad execs over 50. Especially in a relatively rural region like mine.

I have a wife and 3 kids, a hefty mortgage, two cars that are each bordering on a catostrophic mechanical illness, Catholic school tuition, a revenue stream that has slowed to a trickle and a couple of opportunities that seem like million to one shots to pan out.

The interesting thing is that I have grown in my faith and in spiritual maturity more during this time than I ever thought possible. I am convinced, beyond all reason, that things will work out. I have always expected the worst and hoped for the best. Not any more. I am nervous and uncomfortable and confused and disappointed but in my heart-of-hearts I sense that somehow, someway, at some point, everything will be OK.

More than money I offer you my prayers. I pray that you will proceed patiently with confidence in God.

So from one faith-filled financially challenged individual to another, I say "God will provide."
Indeed. He has.

(UPDATE: The donor roll has increased to 59, as of a few minutes before the new day begins. The job interview that was scheduled for the past afternoon is postponed until noon tomorrow.)

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