Sunday, January 22, 2006

Roe Redux

The scene at the National Mall in Washington, DC this time of the year hasn't changed much in the past 33 years. Faces and fashions have; the reason hasn't. And I can only think of two other issues which have polarized the country with such passion: slavery and Vietnam.

In the Culture War, there really is only one battle front. Every other skirmish is an offshoot of this.

Of course, I speak of the issue of abortion.

We have been a country which seemingly has been built on opposing forces. It has been the ability to find compromise between sides which has allowed us to progress as a nation. When it comes to abortion, there doesn't seem to be any room for compromise.

More significantly, there seems to be no want nor willingness on either side to compromise.

Not that I believe there is a middle ground to search. I don't think such a concept exists with this. Those who are poor-(pro-)choice like what Roe vs. Wade (as well as Doe vs. Bolton) has created; those who are pro-life don't. What do you wish to concede?

That's what I thought. Nothing.

It would take a very dramatic action to break the loggerhead. If and when it happens, one side is not going to be happy, because that side will lose whatever gains it had made. And, unfortunately, it won't resolve the problem.

So both sides dig in their heels. But the truce favors the poor- (pro-)choice side. Nothing changes. The status quo is status quo.

33 years later.

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