Tuesday, January 31, 2006


"Because I could not stop for Death,/He kindly stopped for me;..." With those words from Emily Dickinson, I take the time to acknowledge two members of my 'blog roll who have experienced the death of a person near and dear to them.

The Anchoress' loss is a very sudden and swift one. A friend of hers from the same parish which they attended succumbed to a cancerous tumor undetected until recently. Her friend, a single mother of three children, has become a rallying point for the members of the parish as a heartfelt exercise in the corporal works of mercy.

For Rich Leonardi, his loss is familial: his father. Rich Leonardi, Sr. developed a case of pneumonia and necessitated for the son a trip to Florida to be with him. A week later, the end came. He then gives his recollections of that time and then follows it with a wonderful tribute to the man who not only gave him life and his name, but also a deep appreciation of the Faith.

My condolences to both.

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