Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My "Cross"

It is the instrument of our salvation.

We are exhorted to take it up daily. 

Here, I use it in an entirely different but hopefully relevant context.

I am not speaking of the burdens that we carry, the sufferings great and small we endure in our lives. The cross of which I speak is how I want to conduct myself "with the help of Thy Grace." They are also a small insight into who I am and what I wish to be.

My ideals are two pieces of literature. The vertical post is my favorite Biblical chapter, as a reminder of how I must be grounded. The horizontal beam is a 20th. Century poem, as a call to nobleness. Both of these, in different versions, I have as framed works. Both need to be updated to their correct form. 

Upon this wood do I hang this "grain of wheat." 

May it bear a harvest of 30-, 60-, yeah even a 100-fold.

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