Friday, January 20, 2006

Meeting Place

As I mentioned when I introduced and added them to my 'blog roll, I have "met" both Anastasia Crosswell and Krush.

Well, not really. At least not in person.

Welcome to the world of on-line dating sites.

I have been a subscriber to various sites for about eight years. I am currently "active" (meaning I have a visible profile) on three right now. The one I enjoy the most is where I "met" both of these ladies. bills itself as "the original and largest Catholic single site." Appearing on the web in 1997, it has registered over 100,000 people, 35,000+ which they consider active (which I think means they have paid their membership fee). Not only providing an avenue where you can meet people from across the USA and other countries as well, it also is a portal to other Catholic sites. They offer an array of other very useful features.

Where I "met" Anastasia and Krush was in the site's main chat room. The atmosphere in there, according to people who have been in other chat rooms, is the most friendly and hospitable they have experienced. Much of that is due to the chatters themselves, who enjoy the fact they have an outlet where they can engage in "small talk" without the vulgarity and obscenity found in other chat rooms and strive to maintain that standard. While the conversation mostly is in a light vain, there are times when serious (and sometimes heated but still civil) discussions take place. For those times where things could get out of hand, there are members who have volunteered to be a "chat monitor" and have the power to restore order. (On most nights, you may even find a certain 'blogger quietly performing those duties.)

I have been a member for over five years. (Yes, there's a story behind that. Hopefully, it won't take me as long to post that as it did this.) I have gotten to know, as much as one is able in a virtual setting, many wonderful people. I enjoy the fellowship there. There are people, like Anastasia and Krush, with whom I keep in contact off-site. And, God willing, it may be the setting where I find my "soulmate".

If you are single and Catholic, I highly recommend joining.

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