Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Here In This Place

And so it has begun.

I wish I could be there, but my wallet said, "No way." The spirit is willing; the cash is non-existent.

I shouldn't be too disappointed. I have actually attended what I consider to be the last four of the last five "major" events sponsored by the Church Music Association of America--
  1. January,2010: Winter Chant Intensive; Charleston, SC.
  2. June, 2010: CMAA Colloquium XX; Pittsburgh, PA.
  3. October, 2010: Fall Practicum; Houston, TX.
  4. January, 2011: Winter Chant Intensive; New Orleans, LA.
It is a very educational as well as spiritually uplifting time. It is truly, as they like to promote, "Seven Days of Musical Heaven."

One of the more recent forums at the CMAA website was a roll call of attendees. While I made my regrets, I also said I would keep them in my prayers this week.

St. Gregory the Great, St. Cecilia, St, John the Baptist, and all you heavenly angelic choirs--pray for them and all church musicians. May God renew these servants in body, mind, heart, and soul. May He bless them abundantly.

Think of me kindly, those who are there and know of me.

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