Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Missing Links

My 2010 St. Cecilia's Day post mentions a litany to the patron saint of music used by members of the Church Music Association of America. This prayer is used as a novena beginning the 22nd. of each month. The forum post has links to both a recited and chant form, the chant having been composed by a member of the CMAA.

There has been a small problem. The links to copies of each form have been unavailable for quite a while now. No one wanting copies have been able to secure any.

Until now.

Via Google Docs, here are new links to the recited (Word) and chant (PDF) form.

For now, I hope this will be useful. I would eventually like to link to the originals, but I will need help with that.

You're welcome.

(UPDATE) The forum actually allows me to attach my copies to the post. So I did. The offer to link them still stands.

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