Saturday, December 19, 2009

Anonymous? Not

As you read the posts based on the "O Antiphons", you may wonder where I was getting the new icons and the additional meditations.

So was I.

The clue was in the URL. However, it took me until today to discover the author.

Not only a fedora doff, but also a reverent bow to Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, the 'blogmaster of "What Does The Prayer Really Say?" His posts focus on the accuracy of the Latin-to-English translations of prayers. He seems to be one of the leaders of the "reform of the Reform" just by his writings. (NOTE: Registration is required to view his 'blog. I was able to used archived settings found by searching.)

Curiosity satisfied.

(UPDATE 12/22: The links to the icons are broken. I am unable to use them, so I have them from past and future posts. There are still available when you visit Fr. Z's 'blog.)

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