Thursday, November 03, 2005

Losing My Religion?

Amy Welborn has a discussion going regarding those who have/are working for the Church, whether for pay or not, on how they are keeping their Faith.

This interests me for two reasons. First, I am a song leader/cantor and lector in my own parish. While my duties in proclaiming part of the Liturgy the Word allow me to prepare on my own, such is not the case with the music ministry. It is a struggle for me to relate well to the others involved with it at times. As my post-secondary education is in music, it may be a case where my frustration is based on my "expertise" and standards. A good dose of humility is in order.

The second reason relates to my job search. I have a second interview with a Catholic church (withholding the name of the parish for now) on November 14 for the position of Music Director. I could be in that setting being discussed at Open Book. Let's call it a primer on what I may expect--good, bad, or indifferent.

I am learning much. And, no, I am not dissuaded.

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