Friday, November 11, 2005

"Husband Hunting"

A local radio station has a morning show which includes a ten minute phone interview with someone from around the country. Most of their guests are not well know personalities, but rather are people who have some kind of "gimmick" to promote. There were two people featured over the past few months searching for a "significant other". Their purposes are as different as night and day.


Angela Manfredi is a columnist for the Palm Beach (FL) Post and an award-winning television and radio broadcaster. Her columns are humorous looks at her dating life. Over the spring and summer she conducted a contest looking for a "success-minded single man to help [a] never-wed singles columnist experience the practical side of marriage for two weeks." It was made very clear "[t]his search does not include or culminate in a legally binding marriage. It's a temporary arrangement (2 weeks) that will be written about for print publications and videotaped/recorded for possible television/radio broadcast."

The contest is over and
a winner was selected from ten finalists.


The idea of "House With Bride" began while I was contemplating selling my house in Denver, Colorado. Although my company is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a few years ago I bought a house in Denver. My life in Albuquerque had solely revolved around my work, and I felt that I needed to make some changes to improve my social life and hopefully meet my "soul mate".

So goes the opening paragraph of the home page of Deborah Hale's website. The house is for sale. She is also using the opportunity to widen her search for a husband. It is actually an "either/or" situation; she reserves the right to reject any and all offers for her house and herself. In a final remark about her father's two marriages (a widowed retired minister who has re-married), she said, "I am committed to find that same success in a relationship."


Both women are professionally successful and physically attractive. Their life experiences would bring a wealth of compatible attributes to a marriage. Either one of them would be a wonderful companion.

But, I just have to wonder about Ms. Manfredi's motive. Obviously, I have no idea of how earnest in her private life she is about finding a mate. And the contest is just fodder for future columns and broadcasts. I hope it's not a case of poking fun at something as a way of expressing frustration of not having it.

Ms. Hale has at least expressed sincerity as stated in her various website pages. I will give her credit for "thinking outside the box" and developing a very creative way to aid her in achieveing her goal. Her desire to succeed is evident in the quote above.

I wish them both the best of luck for what they are seeking.

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