Monday, November 28, 2005

A Cyber-Proposal

I may have found a calling in the 'blogosphere.

Gerard Serafin was the 'blogmaster of A Catholic Blog For Lovers who passed away in November 2004. That 'blog and a website has been maintained by his twin sister as a cyber-memorial and is available for viewing. Unfortunately, the comment box of his last post was used as a "dumping ground" and some of the earlier posts shortly after his death had to be deleted as well as the toxic ones.

There are some comments still there. And I, as explained below, utilized it today for a purpose.

I was an occasional visitor to "A Catholic Blog For Lovers" and enjoyed the posts here. I was saddened when Gerard died and read the tributes from around the 'blogosphere with great admiration. When I came back to this 'blog after I saw some posts about the anniversary of his passing, I was outraged when the comment box in his final post became a dumping ground for things unrelated and sorry you had to delete some of those earlier tributes in here.

I clicked on the link "Some Catholic Blogs: St. Blog's" to look at the list. Being it has not been updated since Gerard's death and knowing of more Catholic 'blogs which are on-line, I was struck with this inspiration.

I would be honored if I may have permission from you, as the current caretaker of all of Gerard's internet endeavors, to take over "Some Catholic Blogs". While this 'blog will remain a wonderful memorial of his life, I would like to continue the work he started by keeping the list he maintained accurate and up-to-date.

Please contact me via my 'blog so we can work out the details....You may leave your reply in the comment box. Thank you for your time and consideration.

We'll see what happens.

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