Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Subject Matter

So, what will I cover?

Lots of people use a 'blog as an on-line journal. There will be a time and place for that, but I don't see this becoming a "Dear Diary" enterprise. I am a somewhat shy, quiet, reserved person in the real world and rather reluctant to talk about myself.

I can see me linking to other sites on a very frequent basis. My choices will definitely be a reflection of my tastes and preferences. For now, others are opining on things much better than I can. I might add a few words when the occasion warrants, but I want my words to be thoughtful and reflective.

I am not a big surfer of the 'net, so I don't think I will be finding what I would consider a lot of "odds and ends", the unique and/or unusual sights of the world. Might be something to explore.

Like I said before, "So many subjects, so little time!" Starting a 'blog will involve a lot of experimentation. And with all that is out there, this will be a lab.

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