Sunday, November 22, 2020

"Ode" To St. Cecilia

This year, with the feast of St. Cecilia falling on the same day as the solemnity of Christ the King, I decided not to create an original post honoring the patron saint of musicians. Instead, I will provide a list of past posts on the subject. (It also gave me a chance to clean up some of the typesetting removed when I switched to this version of Blogger.)

While I try to make this an annual contribution, there is no post for 2019.There are occasions when something like this slips my mind. This is an example. Oh, well; life goes on.

I hope you find them worthy of your consideration now as you did then.

2005:  Musical Quotes And Thoughts

2006:  Quotes And Notes

2007:  Quotable On Notes

2008:  Canto; Ergo, Sum

2009:  Mechanical Musicianship

2010:  Make We Music

2011:  Cecilia: Virgin & Martyr

2012:  To The Musical Maiden

2013:  A Poet's Notes On Notes

2014:  A Church Musician's Musings

2015:  "Music, When Soft Voices Die"

2016:  Producing Melody; Making Harmony

2017:  Cantate Domino 

2018:  Musical Quotes Through The Ages

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