Thursday, September 12, 2019

The "Double Perfect" Anniversary

Is it that time again?

Yes, it is.

Fourteen years of some kind of presence on the internet is celebrated today.

In some ways, it is quite an achievement. Many 'blogs far, far better that what this infinitesimal corner of the universe offers have fallen by the wayside. Those 'bloggers were far more knowledgeable and articulate that I could ever hope to be. (And, yes, I would link to their posts. As I acknowledged one time, I know good material when I steal it.) But, I have persevered by the grace of God fortifying my own determination to just remain on-line, sporadic as I have been for much of this 'blog's existence.

It has never been about quantity, but rather quality. It has never been about recognition, but rather glorification. It has never tried to be about me, but rather God working through me. And when the focus has been just that, the results have been satisfying.

That has been my mindset since the outset. I am not a professional writer; even being called a hack would be a compliment. I offer what I can when I can. I want what I post to reflect truth, goodness, and beauty. Do I want to do more? Sure I do; the fire, while its just an ember, is still glowing. I just want to be authentic when I hit the publish button.

As long as I remain grounded in these principles I have established for myself, I will still be here. I still enjoy doing this, which has also helped my longevity. This 'blog is not on life-support; I would say it's more in hibernation. And that's OK. I'll come out of hiding when it's appropriate.

So, on I go with some things old, some things new, some things borrowed, but all things for God.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, will all the sincerity I've had since that very first post:

"Welcome to my infinitesimal corner of the universe!"

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