Wednesday, September 11, 2019

A Legal Memorial

The day is almost over.

The memorials have been held.

One of the most tragic events in this country's history has been commemorated.

From coast to coast, and especially in New York, NY, Washington, DC,and Shanksville, PA, we have dutifully recalled what happen 18 years ago today. This new Patriot's Day carried with it, as it has since its inception, all the sadness and solemnity as is its due.

And how could it not? We recall the loss of life, the grieving that still exists, and the renewal of the promises we made as a country regarding this. I hope you availed yourself to some of this ceremony or in some way honored all those victimized.

I don't know if we are trying to make sense of  this still. But, then again, how does one make any sense of evil?

A lot of faith has carried a lot of people through this. And it still will.

These words are just an infinitesimal attempt to mark the occasion. As there is this time of the year, there are far better tributes on the interwebs.

All I wanted to do today is what this country should always do when this date comes on the calendar.

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