Saturday, December 24, 2016

Soon To Blossom

For the past three Advent seasons the Holy Family Catholic Church Choir has sung an arrangement by David Ashley White of a 16th. Century German folk song originally used as part of pilgrimages before Christmas. It is the first three verses which are commonly used today, thank to a translation by Henry S. Drinker.

1. Maria walks amid the thorn,
Kyrie eleison.
Maria walks amid the thorn,
Which seven years no leaf has born.
Jesus and Maria.

2. What 'neath her heart doth Mary bear?
Kyrie eleison.
A little child doth Mary bear,
Beneath her heart He nestles there.
Jesus and Maria.

3. And as the two are passing near,
Kyrie eleison,
Lo! roses on the thorns appear,
Lo! roses on the thorns appear.
Jesus and Maria.

The imagery of barrenness, lifelessness, and death miraculously being revived makes it a great contemplative point for the past four weeks. Much like St. John the Baptist in Elizabeth's womb recognizing the Christ Child in Mary's, life recognizes life.

Soon the barrenness of this Advent will pass.

Ero cras.

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