Saturday, December 17, 2016

Counting The "O's" Once More

No matter how long or short the season of Advent is, or no matter the quantity or quality of your preparation for Christmas, these next seven days bring into focus the reason for this liturgical season. Whether one is praying Vespers in the Divine Office or the Evening Prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours, when it comes time for the Canticle of Mary, a most familiar pattern reappears. As welcomed as an old friend with something more to discover, the antiphons preceding this part of the prayer bring a tiding of comfort and joy while still we anticipate the birth of the Christ Child.

As has been my tradition every year of this 'blog's existence, I once again present my series of posts on the seven "O" Antiphons. As I still have the original, updated, and current versions and look back on their development, the message, ever ancient, is still ever new. While I haven't added anything to them recently, these meditations, I hope, still speak for themselves.

Arguably my most popular posts, I blow away the dust from a year in storage and place them on the mantle for your perusal.

May you glean what you are able.

They come later today; I hope you do as well.

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