Monday, September 12, 2016

Another Model Year

It all started with this.

Now, eleven years later, this infinitesimal corner of the universe humbly still is part of "the cacophony of chatter known as the 'blogosphere."

There have been times when I have wondered if it worth the effort to continue. Sure, there have been a few noteworthy posts (in my very humble opinion). I take pride in my two seasonal meditation (on the "O" Antiphons and the Seven Last Words), my Christmas Eve Reflections, my Independence Day posts, my tributes to music on St. Cecilia Day, and my tributes to 9/11. My ongoing "lectio divina" on the Propers I hope are helpful. And I thank you for letting me share some of my personal struggles.

My readers will notice this is not a news feed. The national and international stories, both of a secular and sacred nature, are covered well enough elsewhere. Unlike a certain 'blogger (who is a professional writer), not every thought I have will be broadcast over the internet. I keep the admonition of Mark Twain in mind when I choose to 'blog. And, like investing, there is no guarantee on what kind of return I get.

I just have to remember that I don't live to 'blog nor 'blog to live, that this has been a hobby. And, for now and the foreseeable future, that will be my aim. If I have of service to you in some manner with something that I have written, it will be enough. I can only take this one post at a time.

May what is to come be useful and fruitful.

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