Saturday, April 07, 2012

A "New" Proclamation

With the revision of the Roman Missal, there also comes a restoration of the Exsultet, or, as it is know in the Missal, the Paschal Proclamation.  The revision is more in line with the original Latin, including the reference to the material in the candle.  Those who have studied the text loving joke, "The bees are back!"

This past March 29,  I assisted at a Chrism Mass for the first time in my life.  While I knew that the second part of the Exsultet has a similar chant formula to the Eucharistic Prefaces, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the prayer over the chrism also uses that formula as well.  Quite the nice musical connection.

Unfortunately, I will not be intoning this proclamation tonight at my parish's Easter Vigil; in fact, I was not assigned any of the Triduum liturgies.  Having made the connection above, I also realized these prayers rightfully belong to the ministerial priesthood, although the Missal allows a lay person to chant the Exsultet.  Having made this connection, to hear a female voice or even a choir in some type of arrangement sing this, no matter how well, is disconcerting to me.

Nevertheless, I present both the Latin and English versions of this absolutely joyous proclamation, the announcement of the rising from the dead of our Savior and our salvation.

Compare, contrast, and enjoy.

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