Sunday, April 01, 2012

"Last Words": Round Six

As perennial as my re-posting of my series of meditations on the "O" Antiphons, it is time once again to display my meditations on the "Seven Last Words", the statements Jesus Christ made while hanging on the cross.

There are other more detailed thoughts about this subject out there; I encourage you to seek and use them.  My purpose is to get you, dear reader, to pause and reflect on what they mean to you; I am just providing a simple idea, an appetizer, if you wish, to whet you appetite.

Because they are re-posts, they may appear earlier than what the post time actually states.  Just an inconvenience using Blogger.  No matter when you view them, I hope you still enjoy them and pray they are of use to you.

Let us once again hear the words of our Savior before he "suffers death" and is "buried".

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