Monday, January 23, 2012

Looking A Day Over 39

The Culture of Death has just finished celebrating its greatest feast day.  (Uncle Screwtape would be so proud of that sentence.)  They have processed from their holiest shrine to their holiest temple to mark the occasion as they have for the past five decades.  Their high priests have had their say and their scribes will dutifully notate their words.  The ritual is done for another year.

They celebrate the granting of a great "right".  They recall this tremendous gain made in the name of "equality".  They glory in this earned "freedom".

How ironic it is the 39th. anniversary of the Supreme Court decisions of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, the rulings which allowed the abortion of human beings in utero to be done at any time during pregnancy for any and no reason, fell on a Sunday this time.  While normally a fixed date, the observation had to be move to the following day, probably because of some statue prohibiting these kind of events on a Sunday.  Why ironic? How in the world could the Culture of Death celebrate on the day when the Resurrection and the Life is remembered? Even Moloch recognizes Jesus Christ and wants nothing to do with Him.

In this, the ultimate battleground, neither side in the Culture War really made any political progress toward their ultimate victory in the past twelve months.  Unfortunately, it is still not a zero sum proposition.  The number of abortions performed in this country since 1973 is estimated to be 53,000,000.  That is roughly a little more than the populations of California and New York combined (according to the latest Census Bureau figures).

Yet, the pro-life side is more animated and rejuvenated than their counterparts.  The partial defunding of Planned Parenthood at state levels was encouraging.  But a bigger motivation comes in the form of this year's election cycle.  They are looking to defeat the incumbent who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a president who has given the poor-(pro-)choice crowd all for which they could have hoped.  The abortion mentality is all but cemented into what has been labeled "ObamaCare", the so-called national reform of health care insurance.  The outrage is fueling efforts to make him a one-term president.

But now we look ahead at the next time January 22 comes.  It will be the day after the President of the United States will be publicly inaugurated (since January 20, 2013 will fall on a Sunday).  What meaning these first of the month rituals will have remains to be seen.  All that is known is Washington, DC will be busy for a couple of days.

What the tone of these two feast days in our country will be remains to be seen.

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