Friday, December 24, 2010

A Different Birth Announcement

Again this year at Midnight Mass I will be intoning the Proclamation of the Birth of Christ.

However, befitting The Year of Chant, I have more than a few options.

It will not be the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' official text.

I found three other sources. The first is the Vatican Edition in Latin (the date according to the lunar calendar will have to be adjusted). The second is a literal rendition in English done by John Birchfield of the St. Teresa's Gregorian Schola, again with the lunar date needing updating. (Fedora Doff to Jeffery Tucker, lead 'blogger at The Chant Cafe, for the information.) The third is a combination of the USCCB's official text with the Latin chant, done well by Aristotle A. Esguerra, who 'blogs at The Recovering Choir Director.

My plan is to use the English rendition of Mr. Esguerra. With only last night and today to work at it, its repetition should make it easy for me to use for tonight.

St. Cecilia and St. Gregory the Great, pray for me.

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