Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Yearly Wrap-Up

In my life, 2010 will simply be known as "The Year of Chant".

Just three weeks defined the other forty-nine, but those three were very memorable. The three trips I took this past year--to Charleston, SC; Pittsburgh, PA; and Houston, TX--to be introduced to Gregorian Chant and its rightful place in the liturgy are the obvious highlights of what was just another year of holding my own. While discovering this art form in more detail was rewarding, the new relationships I forged with people from around the country made it even more worthwhile.

What have I gained from my sojourns? As an amateur musician, I have found a welcome challenge which forces me to continue to improve my skills. As a lay person who volunteers to help with the liturgy, I continue to gain insight into how to reverently give proper worship to God. And as one on a journey to meet God face-to-face, I have another avenue in which to encounter Him, one which seems to suit my personality.

There are questions of prudence, since I still struggle with limited financial resources. But God did provide the means necessary at the right time. This is a blessing from Him; His grace helped find the way. It was a small act of faith on my part, but one I perhaps was ready to make.

And now, as I prepare to enter my sixth decade of living, I have to wonder what the future will hold. What opportunities will 2011 bring? Which ones will I seize? Will I be able to take a larger step as I "Go Forward"?

More prayer. Much more discernment. Even much more exercising of my will in accordance with His. These are the paths I must take to answer those questions.

"Come grow old with me. The best is yet to be."

Until tomorrow.

Until the new year.

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