Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More Guidelines

It seems to happen to all 'bloggers, even the most proficient of us. Our muse abandons us for a bit and we are at a loss as to what to post. Sometimes going back to making comments at other 'blogs (which is what originally started me down this path) is a good tonic; but, there is still this yearning to be creative and express ourselves.

Via Julie D. at Happy Catholic, here are some ideas that she found at another 'blog. Combining the two gives me this list:

1. Manage your Comment Boxes.
It is rare for me to see comments, so that has been easy.
2. Make your E-mail address easy to find.
My profile has the address to use.
3. Don't keep changing your URL.
Not in this lifetime.
4. Do change your template.
While I like the simplicity of this one, I wouldn't mind a refurbishing. Learning HTML wouldn't be a bad thing.
5. Add interesting stuff.
Tweaking in progress. As fast as molasses in an Arctic winter.
6. Have a sense of humor.
Aside from the occasional jokes I find, that has been lacking. Reflection of the personality of the 'blogmaster(?).
7. Share a bit from your life.
I am working on some posts about the essence of this existence of mine.
8. Write about what you want to and damn the hits counters.
While I like the TTBL Ecosystem and the Site Meter, I have never been worried about numbers. Rick Lugari said it best when I became an Amateur Catholic:
In case you're wondering, no, it's not because of his blogging - Ron is actually one of the few bloggers out there who knows something about moderation. And he thinks he's an amateur? Go figure.
9. Have a point.
To borrow from a school of acting, "What is my motivation?" Still haven't found a theme for this yet.
10. Have a predictable pattern.
Do I have consistent inconsistency or what?
11. Have fun.
I back away when it isn't or when real life needs my attention, which is to say most of the time. 'Blogging is still enjoyable.
And I am still looking to put this infinitesimal corner of the universe in its proper place and perspective.

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