Friday, April 28, 2006

Surprised By...

Many of you have seen this phrase, especially on a bumper sticker:

Commit Random Acts Of Kindness
And Senseless Acts Of Beauty

I was the victim of such benevolence yesterday.

I received a call from a local florist at 2:19 PM (I use my answering machine to screen calls, so I have the message time stamped), stating they had a delivery for me but didn't have my apartment number. About 45 minutes later, the delivery person arrived with the arrangement.

It's very pretty. Four peach-colored roses with two different types of purple-tinted, small flowers, a stem of baby's breath, lots of other greenery, and a purple ribbon tied in a bow, all in a glass vase about 8-9 inches tall. And knowing the reputation for quality these folks have, this will be around for a couple of weeks, with proper care.

The card which came with it said, "Surprise!! You are special." No name. No clue as to who may have sent it. I am thinking about going to the floral shop and inquiring about it, but I don't know if I will get an answer.

In any case, I will enjoy this unexpected "hug" from God.

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