Friday, September 11, 2020



Not even COVID-19 can deter the country from remembering this day. The ceremonies will be wanting only for lack of crowds. The solemn and sober nature of this day gives all of us a rallying point amidst the isolation.

This is, of course, the 19th. anniversary of the coordinated assault of terror upon the United States. Four commercial airliners, hijacked shortly after their respective take-offs were used to strike fear into the heart of our country. Two hit their mark by demolishing the "Twin Towers" in New York, NY. A third found its way to the Pentagon in Washington, DC. The fourth never made its intended target, as the terrorists were thwarted by the passengers on board and crashed into a field near Shanksville, PA.

2,996 lives lost. A emotional scar permanently remaining with those who lost loved one, acted to save others, or directly witnessed the events. The psyche of a nation shaken to it core. What started as an unremarkable Tuesday morning suddenly became one of the most horrific dates in history.

Even to this day, we still wonder what to think of it. It is a moment in time when evil decided to discard its disguise and allowed its ugly face to been seen. It is a moment when it decided it wanted to be brazen, brash, and bold in its self-centered persona. It made no pretense in taking the stage front and center and declaring, "See what I can do! Live with it!"

Yes, we do live with it. Unfortunately. A spiritual war existing before time uses our material world here and now to reek havoc. And while we Christians know how the story ends, we still have to play our part in overcoming it in our own lives as well as outside our selves. The battles and skirmishes seem to never end. Yet, with the grace of  God, we persevere. There are time we win, which sustain us for the next wave. We take comfort and hope from those small victories.

The 'blogosphere will have other posts more eloquently describing what this day means. Go find them. Ponder their words in your heart and soul.

Light a candle to remember those who befell this tragedy. It will be that same light that will dispel the darkness. It will also help you see when evil decides to step out of its shadow again.

Never Forget.

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