Sunday, March 25, 2018

13th. Echo Of "Last Words"

For those of you who visit this infinitesimal corner of the universe on a somewhat consistent basis, you know I have a habit of re-posting things I have previously written. In a way, it is a type of laziness, as new material is few and far between. But like the rhythm of the liturgical cycle, you can also come to expect things in due season.

So it is as we begin Holy Week this year. Once more, I humbly present my series of brief meditations on the "Seven Last Words" of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, uttered in the three hours He hung upon the Cross. I offer them with my usual caveat:  they are a point of departure for you to find more substantial literature to help in your recollection of the pinnacle of His Passion. I have made no changes to them since they first appeared in 2006, save for adding images of famous paintings of the Crucified. But if they get you to reflect on "what wondrous love is this", then they have served their purpose.

One a day, every day this week, appearing at the hour of mercy.

Come, draw near to Him at Calvary.

Listen with a grateful heart.

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