Monday, August 15, 2016

PM: Special Edition--Solemnity Of The Assumption

Another Marian feast to celebrate. As always, she puts the focus on God.
A great sign appeared in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet;  and on her head, a crown of twelve stars.
V. Sing unto the Lord a new song, for he has accomplished wondrous deeds.
Rev. 12:1; V. Ps. 97
Preparing us for the First Reading, we hear in this Introit the description of the Queen of Heaven. This marvelous work done by God is a cause for great rejoicing.
Let us all rejoice in the Lord, as we celebrate this feast day in honor of the Virgin Mary; her Assumption caused the angels to rejoice and to praise together the Son of God.
V. My heart overflows with a goodly theme; I address my works to the king.
V. Ps. 44
An alternate Introit, we join with the angelic choirs to sing God's praise. All that Mary has done has been "yes" to God's will.
Hearken. O Daughter, and see, incline your ear, for the king greatly desires your beauty.
V. With your comeliness and your beauty, set out, proceed victorious and reign.
Ps. 44:11, 12; V. 5
Could this Gradual be compared to Gabriel's greeting at the Annunciation? Yes, because both are invitations to be one with God.
Mary has been taken up into heaven; the hosts of Angels rejoice.
The Alleluia provides another rare instance where a non-biblical text is used. The angels rejoice as they see the Mother of God taking her rightful place in heaven, completing the "fiat"of her earthly existence.
Mary has been taken up into heaven; the Angels rejoice, praising the Lord together and blessing him, alleluia.
The Offertory is still another instance of the use of a non-biblical text. Very much a repeat of the Alleluia, we should also join the choirs of angels in this declaration.
All generations shall call me blessed; for he who is mighty has accomplished great things on my behalf.
Luke 1:48, 49
The Communion is a snippet of the Magnificat, Mary's canticle of praise and thanksgiving. We, too, can also be as blessed as she is, if we but just surrender our will to God.

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