Monday, November 23, 2015

Propers Meditation: Introduction

Welcome to the latest endeavor from this infinitesimal corner of the universe. It will be my most challenging due to the fact it will take the entire liturgical year to unfold. Coming from someone who has been very inconsistent in consistently posting most of the lifespan of this 'blog and frequently re-posting earlier entries, this will be nothing less than inspired by the Holy Spirit. (And may I use the grace given to me for this wisely and well.)

My inspiration for this series is based on my Christmas Eve Reflections where I used the Propers for the four Masses of Christmas (the Vigil and the Masses at Night, at Dawn, and during the Day) as the basis for my post. While I have written other posts utilizing a Lectio Divina approach, those four have stood out to me as being my best work, as humble as those offerings have been.

The format is simple. Each weekday I will post a Proper from the upcoming Sunday Mass as found in the 1990 Gregorian Missal published by Solesmes (their English translation of the Latin) and briefly describe what I think the underlying lesson is. The tile for each post will have PM--as in Propers Meditation--in it. Here is the outline for each day:
Tuesday--Gradual (or First Alleluia during Easter)
Wednesday--Alleluia (or Tract during Lent)
If there are Solemnities and Feast Days during the week which need this kind of attention, I will include them in a separate post.

Remember I am basically just another person in the pew, having no training in Theology or Biblical Studies. My insights are just what made an impression on me. Your mileage may vary; indeed, I hope you use this as your own catalyst for delving into the Word of God as well as preparing for the upcoming Sunday Mass. And that is my intent.

I invite you to join me in taking the advice of St. Jerome and become less ignorant of the Scriptures and, therefore, Christ.

It promises to be heavenly.

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