Friday, September 12, 2014

End Of The Ninth

Remember this?

Seems so long ago.

Yet, here I am; my infinitesimal corner of the universe has concluded its ninth year of existence.

It's still more hobby than anything, and in my mind that is OK. I am not a professional writer. To be prolific was never a goal. To have something meaningful to say and expressing it in a thoughtful manner has always been my goal.

Have I succeeded? At times. It seems I have taken a more "it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness" approach as this has evolved. I have to remind myself it takes the same amount of energy to build as it does to destroy. There are plenty of other 'blogs that kvetch well on whatever is the crisis du jour.

Mark Twain's admonition is always at the forefront. I hopefully understand the limits of my intelligence; but I also want to expand that. I still want to know things. Robert Browning's inquiry still drives me.

To those who do visit to see if I have something to say about anything, I thank you. I realize original posts are few and far between. While I have a life outside of the internet and more pressing matters at hand, the desire to continue this remains.

And I will.

I got to get through the next twelve months.

Any anniversary ending with a "0" is a milestone.

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