Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The "Perfect" Anniversary

In the world-wide web, a 'blogversary is defined by the day your weblog first appeared on the internet.

Seven years ago from the time stamp of this post, the world saw this entry:
I have decided to add my voice to the cacophony of chatter known as the 'blogosphere. (Is there a relationship to the tower of Babel?) 
It will be a small, quiet voice for now. So many subjects, so little time! 
I need to carve a niche and develop a writing style. I have some ideas, though. 
Welcome to my infinitesimal corner of the universe!
And so began my journey as a 'blogger.  You can thank (or blame) Rick Lugari for getting me into this endeavor.  I still am grateful for his encouragement.

The internet is not an easy place to exist, even if you live in an infinitesimal corner of it.  My hit-and-miss nature of posting probably puts me in the category of those who are hanging on by the ends of their fingernails.  In a sense it is true.  But 'blogging has always been a hobby; there are more important things and concerns in my life, both internally and externally.  This has become "a small, quiet voice" but one which is not ready to become permanently mute.

Do I want fame? No; although I think I have a little bit of recognition with some of my more popular posts.  Do I want fortune? No; I doubt this will turn into any kind of money-making proposition of any proportion.  So, why do I keep on keeping on with this?

Because I am using this as a learning tool:  about me, my Faith, topics which affect me, topics which interest me.  I have certain channels to which I am attuned in this "cacophony of chatter"; I have to work on staying open to those whom I find more white noise than harmonious sound.  I am reminded how little I know and definitely heed Mark Twain's advice; there is a lot of homework to be done before one can voice a truly coherent opinion.  However, I am never opposed to being a Socratic gadfly.

Hopefully, I am up to the task.

It hasn't been easy, but it is still enjoyable.

And so, we begin the eight year.

Welcome, again, to my infinitesimal corner of the universe!

It has expanded some; here's hoping I gain a little more room.

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