Friday, January 29, 2010

A Month Of Sundays

Did I mention I was going to be busy during the 11:15 AM (and other) Masses at St. Olaf the next few weeks?

I made a mental review of my liturgical duties until Easter (including this past Sunday).

This is the list:
  • January 24--Choir and Cantor
  • January 31--Cantor
  • February 7--Choir and Cantor
  • February 14--Lector
  • February 17 (Ash Wednesday)--Choir
  • February 21--Choir and Cantor
  • February 28--Cantor
  • March 7--Choir
  • March 14--Lector
  • March 21--Choir and Cantor
  • March 28 (Palm/Passion Sunday)--Choir
  • April 1 (Holy Thursday)--Choir (Cantor TBD)
  • April 3 (Easter Vigil)--Choir and Co-Cantor
  • April 4 (Easter Sunday)--Choir (Cantor TBD)
There is a remote possibility I may be a Lector for April 2 (Good Friday), but that schedule has not been made.

No excuses for me not assisting at Mass!

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