Sunday, July 05, 2009

"Prime" Birthday Time

For the fifteenth time in my life, my age is only divisible by itself and one.

And, yes, I am glad to be able to notice this.

As I look back, some personally notable things have happened within this specific set of numbers:
  1. Started Kindergarten at 5.
  2. First Confession and Holy Communion at 7.
  3. Confirmation at 13.
  4. High school graduation at 17.
  5. College graduation at 23.
  6. Started graduate school at 29.
  7. Started developing right elbow tendinitis at 41. (The event which began my economic struggles.)
The joys and sorrows in this vale of tears (of both kinds) are not restricted to a specific pattern of numerals. But, perhaps, I am due for something special to happen within the next 73 X 5 days. That is up to God, His Grace, and my will.

And so it continues, this gift called my life.

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