Monday, December 23, 2019

"O" We Came Once More

The Catholic Church is wonderful in its liturgical rhythm, both during the day as well as throughout the year. The genius of the Divine Office/Liturgy of the Hours shows the beauty of the request to pray at all times. And as one gets drawn into the rich cycles of prayers and antiphons, one will find favorites.

Among the most favorite section of the entire prayer are the antiphons sung before the Magnificat used during Vespers/Evening Prayer from December 17-23. Each sunset, a different title of the soon-to-be-born Christ Child is referenced. These words show how the words of the prophets come to fruition in the blessed fruit of the womb of the Virgin Mary.

These seven antiphons, collectively known as the "O" Antiphons, were an inspiration in my early days as a 'blogger. Every year since this 'blogs inception, I have presented them as a series of meditations, adding things as I saw fit. They have been some of my most popular posts as well a a good way to finish the Advent season. While I do bring out a lot of repeats, these are still worth the effort to re-post.

I hope you have enjoyed them again.

I promise to have a preview for these next year.

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