Sunday, September 12, 2021

I, 16


Here I am again, celebrating another 'blogiversary. 

Some would say I am just taking up needless pixels and cloud space. I can see that point. This "still, small voice" may have gone past its expiration date a long time ago. Meaningful contributions to "the cacophony of chatter in the 'blogosphere", however defined, perhaps are few and far between. Whatever promise this 'blog had in its beginnings is long gone.

Yet, here I am again, celebrating another 'blogiversary.

One has to remember creating pixels and cloud space, even though a finite activity, seems to have no definite end in sight. As I have looked back at the times when I have re-use previous posts, taking from my store old material, it still has meaning; perhaps I think there is a timeless message within them. While new posts are rare, they still are built upon the foundation of wanting to say something thoughtful and meaningful. And who says the Holy Spirit couldn't spark a renewal? It might be akin to the resuscitation of Lazarus, or it could be more like coming out of a coma.

For better or worse, there still is interest in maintaining this. While life has gotten in the way, this continues to be a part of mine. I think it can still serve some kind of purpose; discerning it is still ongoing.

So I will continue apace with what is routine, even traditional in the life of this 'blog. There are still "so many subjects, so little time", although I have narrowed down what catches my interest. I don't promise anything other than a honest and sincere appearance whenever I do take fingers to keyboard.

Yes, here I am again, celebrating another 'blogiversary.

The light is still on; the invitation is still outstanding.

You are always still welcome to my infinitesimal corner of the universe.

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