Thursday, September 12, 2013

Eight Is Not Enough

It all started with this.

Some 700+ entries later (counting all the re-posts), as the lyrics say, "I'm still standing."

Eight years of sharing my thoughts (and at times baring my soul).

Sporadic at times, as I keep a quote by Mark Twain in mind.  But I don't feel bad about that.  Some of the people I read don't let their 'blogging interfere with their living.  Blessed are they who are examples of having the right priorities.

As I am not a writer by trade, I have never wanted to keep up with the Sheas, Wellborns, Palmas, and Fr. Zuhlsdorfs of the 'blogging world.  My contribution, for what it's worth, has always been in proportion to the size of my corner of the universe.  Maybe I have provided a slightly different insight at times.  I think there have been things which have been well received.  In a sense, I am just part of the cacophony.

This is and will continue to be a hobby.  God knows I have more important things to do; and, after those are accomplished, there will be other activities which will concern me.  I am content for this part of my status quo to be status quo.

But I do thank each and every one of you who do peruse me once in a great while. The almost 48,000 visitors (as of this post) who have found this to be of value are appreciated.  If I provide a service to you, praise God; if not, so be it.  It is what it is.

But this will go on for the foreseeable future.  It still is enjoyable.  It still challenges me in good ways.

I continue this part of my journey of life, which hopefully leads to Life.

Enter when you have the chance and something new (or old) surfaces.

You are still more than welcome in my infinitesimal corner of the universe.

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