Thursday, February 08, 2007

Prayer Request

She is an occasional commenter to some of my posts.

She is a member of the "B-Team".

She has more faith in her operated-upon toe than I have in my entire body.

She knows how to live the Faith.

She knows the Father, His Son, and His Mother better than I can ever imagine or hope.

She is battling a severe case of pneumonia.

She is scared.

(She is not the only one.)

She is Catherine Garcia, the 'blogmistress of "Life Behind The Zion Curtain".

She is in need of your prayers.

Here is mine for her, spoken over a year ago for someone else and written for anyone:
Lord Jesus Christ, You came to earth as the Divine Physician, to cure not only our spiritual ills but our physical ones as well. Look kindly upon Your servants who are ailing. Grant them the Grace to carry the cross they bear at the moment. Bring healing and hope to their body and spirit. Be with them; allow them to touch the hem of Your garment. Comfort them in their fears and anxieties. Let Your mercy show forth in the works of those in the healing arts, where people can encounter You. May they be brought back to wholeness, so as to continue their mission to serve others. We ask this in union with the Father and the Holy Spirit, our Triune God, forever and ever.
Kyrie, eleison.

(UPDATE 2/13/07) Catherine was released from the hospital Sunday and is now continuing her recovery at home.

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