Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lenten Reading

As part of a person's Lenten devotion, some people take on additional reading materials, whether it be a more in-depth study of the Bible or some other spiritual materials.

I have a book which has been sitting on my shelf waiting to be perused. This is the perfect time for it.

From the Preface:
If we leave the Cross out of the Life of Christ, we have nothing left, and certainly not Christianity. For the Cross is related to our sins. Christ was our "stand-in" on the stage of life. He took our guilt as if He were guilty and thus paid the debt that sin deserved, namely, death. This made possible our resurrection to a "new life" in Him. Christ, therefore, is not just a teacher or a peasant revolutionist, but our Savior. Our modern world does not like the word "sin."

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