Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Indy This Summertime

Yesterday was a day of renewing friendships, making new acquaintances, a splendid opening banquet, and the first of many liturgical opportunities (Compline).

This morning they will begin in earnest what is billed as "seven days of musical heaven"--Colloquium XXIV, sponsored by the Church Music Association of America, being held this year in Indianapolis, IN.

I wish I was with you. You all are so kind to take this shy, somewhat talented tenor under your wing and call me a colleague. Maybe next year, when the Silver Colloquium will shine even brighter.

May God bless this gathering of labors who work in the sweetest of vineyards--the choir lofts of churches around the world. May this be a fruitful time for all.

"Cantare amantis est."

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