Monday, January 22, 2007

Black Monday XXXIV

Today's match-up should be over by the time this is posted. The renewal of this annual rivalry is anticipated the day after completion of the last one. The combatants are very familiar with each other and their tactics. The pageantry of the event, now established after all these years, still is a sight to behold. Yet, despite what seems to be how routine and commonplace this has become, it is still hotly contested. However, the overall outcome still remains in doubt.

It has been in sudden-death overtime for four decades.

Yes, it is time for the two sides in the abortion issue to take over the nation's capital with their marches, demonstrations, and speeches. The only thing they agree upon is when and where to have this skirmish. It just so happens the calendar this year coincides with history.

It is Monday, January 22, 1973 redux.

Momentum seems to be on the side of the poor-(pro-) choice crowd. Having snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in South Dakota, they have reversed the gains the pro-life movement made in the previous twelve months. The offensive stand they made in Pierre, Rapid City, Sioux Falls, and points in between has given them new death. While they were on their heels for a time, they have staggered back.

The pro-life side had confidence before the reversal of fortune last November. The appointment of two new Supreme Court Justices and the law passed and enacted by the powers that be in South Dakota gave hope that the next series of plays would produce a game-winning score. This disappointment has its consolation in the fact this game plan was working and only minor adjustments are needed.

But both sides know this is always a battle of shifting tides and swinging emotions. Gains and losses are never permanent. Attacks and counter-attacks are expected. It's not over until it's over.

And it is far from over, although the rallies have ended for today. Abortion is the biggest battle in the Culture War. Rallying the troops to continue to play hard because the victor has not been determined is the focus. The game goes on today and continues.

Same time, next year.

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